On-Demand Services

Network Security

Ensuring that your data and systems are protected against hackers, virus and other intruders is a top priority at Xinc IT. We will evaluate your current infrastructure and settings to verify consistency with industry standard practices. We then work with your organization to determine the appropriate level of control that you require to assure seamless, continual and safe daily operations.

We have security solutions that use the latest and leading edge technologies. Often, however, closing security holes simply requires a change to the configuration of your existing network. The policies we create and sophistication of the implementation will be tailored to suit the specific security, privacy and operational needs of your organization.

Anti-Spam Solutions

Spam refers to the ever-growing barrage of mass unwanted emails that finds its way into to our inboxes. Unlike virus and other mal-ware, it is harder to distinguish from legitimate communications.

If you are hosting your own mail server, Xinc can drastically reduce your spam intake. For maximum effectiveness the solution should be tailored to your specific situation. Properly installed and maintained, annoyances from spam can be reduced to background levels.

Spam may be more than an annoyance. Phishing uses spam disguised as a legitimate email to trick employees into releasing personal or corporate data. A spam control solution reduces this risk.