On-Demand Services

Server Computing

Modern PC platforms are often overpowered for the requirements of typical office applications. At the same time, buyers are concerned with maximizing the useful lifetime of their investments. But it is not necessary to equip every employee with the computing power of a modern PC workstation.

A thin client terminal is much simpler and less expensive than a PC. Compute power and data storage to process applications is provided by a centralized server.

Benefits of using Thin Clients and server-based computing can include:

• Offers a way to extend the life of older computers
• Offers a way to share the resources of a modern    high-powered computer system
• Longer equipment service life
• Lower overall cost of ownership
• Improved security (your data remains on the server)
• Dramatically decrease points of failure on the
• Noise-free - don't require a hard drive, fans or other    peripherals found on most PCs

Xinc IT can analyze your business situation and advise whether Thin Client computing is appropriate for you.